First thing , THANK YOU VERY MUCH for applying to bring and share something amazing to the burners community.
If you are planning to be part of a theme camp, please ask your camp leader to include your activity in the theme camp activities schedule.
If you are not, or your workshop doesn't fit your camp theme, or you want to do it in a complete different environment... well, then keep going
Before you start, here's something you really need to be awared:
SAFETY!  You are the responsable for the safety of your activity!
Make your activity safe for you and for the attendants. Have a plan for every potential risk especially if fire, chemicals, food, acrobatics or potential dangerous tools are involved. Double check the safety of all the structures and materials required right before starting (what was safe before doesn't mean it will be still safe now). If your activity required people to be sober and focused, gently explain that to who's not.
安全! 你的项目需要确保所有参与者的安全!对于可能发生的危险,尤其是使用火,化学物质,食物,空中杂技或者其它潜在的危险工具。在活动开始之前重复检查所有设施和材料的安全(事先检查过的确认安全的现在未必安全)如果你的项目参与者需要保持清醒和专注,那么请耐心的劝解不清醒却想要参与的人员。
CONSENT! If your activity requires physical touch, take care to explain to your attendants what consent and personal limits are. And be sure everybody (you first) will respect that. General rule is always asking before touch and the only answer that means yes is "YES".
获得允许! 如果你的项目需要肢体接触,那么请对你的参与者耐心解释如何获得允许的权利以及个人生理及心理界限。并且确保(首先你自己)每个人都对此尊重。基本的原则是在任何肢体接触之前先要得到许可,只有对方在说“可以”的情况下才可以进行下一步。
RESPECT! People are free. They can change their mind, they can make their choice. Please don't turn your experience in a drama if nobody show up or some people decide to leave in the middle or if it looks they are not getting at all the meaning of your activity. Bringing and sharing your knowledge to the people already is something to be proud and happy. So whatever will happen be proud and happy of yourself.
Now let's answer some little questions...